Electronic Indie-Crossover Act, NASAYA x MARO, Unveil Diverse Debut EP ‘PIRILAMPO’

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Muti-instrumentalist and producer, NASAYA, draws influence from the ethnically diverse culture of his homeland, a French island located just outside of Madagascar. Inspired by the breeze and easy-going nature of the French island, his musical influence draws from jazz, dance music, pop, and even classic rock. It was at Berklee College of Music where he met MARO, a Portuguese vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and composer. The two incredibly talented artists have joined forces on their highly anticipated EP, PIRILAMPO, out now via Foreign Family Collective.

Together, NASAYA x MARO blend their respective talents to forge electro-fusion gems for fans of dance music, R&B, and indie-soul. On “TEMPO” they play with words on a repetitive, nostalgic beat. “I SEE IT COMING” uses a slower, contagious rhythm that takes us on a fascinating journey through upbeat and well-being auras. MARO sings in her native Portuguese tongue on “NADA A VER” as gentle guitar melodies float along a dancehall-influence production. The title track closes things off with pitched vocals, muffled drums, and glittering keys as if floating away into a magical dream.

As we all know, Odesza’s prolific label, Foreign Family Collective, recruits only the highest caliber electronic artists around and it speaks volumes that they’ve chosen to enlist this rising indie-crossover project. Stream the EP below and enjoy!