Nate Traveller Shines On Well-Rounded Debut Album ‘Hunny’


Hunny is the debut album from Nate Traveller, a talented 24-year-old singer and songwriter from Florida who has worked with some high-profile, sharply rising artists like Dominic Fike and pluko. Traveller’s unique sound and stirring lyricism has got us vibing.

Listing at eight tracks and 21 minutes long, the album is short and sweet, just like Traveller’s voice. Based on simple, organic instrumentation, the album flows elegantly and leaves listeners feeling fulfilled by Nate’s unique sound and candid lyricism. His vocals are warm and polished, and it just sounds effortless for Traveller.

Nate bares his feelings on tracks like “Solace” and “Low Blow,” demonstrating his exceptional songwriting ability and range as a singer and rapper. Switching between soulful pining and silky flows, Traveller can’t be boxed in- “universal with the sound I can easily lane switch.”

Nate’s creamy vocal on the feel-good “Same Number” leads nicely into LA rapper Wes Period’s short but poignant verse. We love the interplay and harmony on the hook; between Nate’s vocal, the smooth guitar riff, and bass play, it makes for a groovy track.

Nate’s passion for music is apparent and his message is positive and authentic. We can’t wait to see what more is in store for this talented young artist. Check out the album below, at only 21 minutes, the only thing we wish is that it was longer. Enjoy!

Nate Traveller – Hunny