Naylor Leans Into House Influence on New Club-Ready Tune “Here For You”


Only two years into his career as Naylor, rising producer, Peter Ibbetson, has established unique sound that separates his music from the traditional house scene. Following his last single, “Okay,” we were eager to see what the blossoming artist had in store next. His follow-up single, “Here For You,” might just be your perfect introduction.

Bubbly synth arpeggiations form the foundation for this club-banger. The producer utilizes a high-energy vocal chop as the main melodic hook and also a percussive tool, bringing his dynamic production style to the forefront. Clearly a house-inspired beat, Naylor throws a unique spin on the genre with grungy fills and change-ups. A massive outro closes the track, the producer leaning into the bass line and lifting each element to new heights.

Here’s what Naylor had to say about the making of “Here For You” :

the process of making ‘Here For You’ began with Joe (Joe Brown, in house trusted producer at XL Recordings and Richard Russell collaborator) and I talking about the balance of using a soulful a cappella , coupled with a powerful, club ready sound. We listened to a bunch of early 90s rave tracks as well as newer things, notably Joy Orbison and Champion. This provided the starting point for the track which developed with breaks, live percussion and analog synth textures. We wanted to evoke a sense of being outside the club working your way in. The synth textures came about after conversations about Kid A era Radiohead, Brian Eno and more ambient records. These different elements were then pieced together to create ‘Here For You.’

You can stream “Here For You” at the link below, out everywhere via Unity Records. Enjoy!

Naylor – Here For You