NEIL FRANCES’ Mission Is Crystal Clear On New Album, ‘It’s All a Bit Fuzzy’

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At TSIS, our mission on Friday is to get our readers ready for the weekend with the best new music out there. Today, we share a project encapsulating all the distinct facets of a weekend out on the town, NEIL FRANCES’ sophomore album, It’s All a Bit Fuzzy.

“We wanted to evoke that feeling you have the day after a night out, which is just as important, fun, and rewarding – feeling fuzzy from that night,” Marc Gilfry of NF mentions. “Just sinking into the couch and being with a loved one or friend. It’s a haziness and slight discomfort, but also a cute, cuddly day.”

Tracks like “Let’s Break It Down,” “Energy,” and “Gimme” transport us to the middle of a grooving, neon dancefloor—phase one of the night out. Entwine those cuts with tunes like “Some Kind of Static,” “Head Straight,” and “High” for the bittersweet afterglow and next morning review and you have yourself a weekend’s worth of emotion packed into one glistening album.

This might have been NEIL FRANCES’ first feature on TSIS but something tells me it certainly won’t be the last. With worldwide headline shows, a packed performance schedule, and over 4 million monthly listeners across streaming platforms, we expect to hear much more from this duo. Stream NEIL FRANCES’ sophomore album, It’s All a Bit Fuzzy, below. Enjoy!

NEIL FRANCES – It’s All a Bit Fuzzy

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