French Artist Neptune Orizon Glimmers on Downtempo Instrumental Track “Aperture”


One of our recent fresh finds is French artist Neptune Orizon. His latest release, “Aperture” shows why we’re digging his personal blend of electronica.

This downtempo track combines ambient washes of sound with organic house beats on the main verse of the song. Neptune Orizon’s talent as a multi-instrumentalist shines here; “Aperture” is a piano-driven orchestral piece, but he also throws in a lot of other synths, guitar, and strings. The pacing of the track is leisurely, with Orizon letting each instrument have its moment in the spotlight. He introduces slow drags of sax and other wind instruments in the back half of the track, ushering us out of the hazy daydream he induced on the front end.

“Aperture” is the perfect backdrop for morning coffee, an afternoon walk, or a late-night hang. Make sure to check it out using the link below. Enjoy!

Neptune Orizon – Aperture