Neptune Orizon Serves Up Dynamic Organic House Tune “Over me”


We first discovered French artist, Neptune Orizon, back in 2021 with his track “Saimiri,” and boy, are we glad we did. The organic house producer has continued to create some truly entrancing beats that have left us hitting the replay button time and time again. Neptune Orizon now returns to the site with his first release of 2023, the extremely impressive “Over me.”

Neptune Orizon creates some truly special moments over the course of “Over me.” In what feels like five songs in one, each section of “Over me” shines with unique melodies and varying energies. Interludes glow just as much as chorus drops, all tied together by a grounded, acoustic kick. Every synth addition adds to the warmth of the track, sharing space with infectious vocal chops we just couldn’t get enough of.

Neptune Orizon commented on the development of the track, sharing:

This song was a real challenge I’ve put to myself,  I didn’t want any real instruments in it, or at least not played traditionally. But I wanted it to sound as human as possible, so I started crafting sounds with different source materials, unused takes from Seven Relics, improvisation sessions, on modular synth, guitar, piano, etc. rearranging or using them as layers for creating a whole new and cohesive soundscape. I think this process is what gave this unique colour to Over Me.

You can steam “Over me” at the link below. Enjoy!

Neptune Orizon – Over me