Neptune Orizon Drops Dreamy Downtempo Single “Saimiri”


French producer Florian Martinez, who creates whimsical sonic worlds under the moniker of Neptune Orizon, has been working on a special project for the past few years. He’s been busy conceptualizing and creating an “audio movie” about a character exploring the wild, with songs that embody the essence of each scene. “Saimiri” dropped over the weekend, and it’s the introductory tune to this magical tale. 

“Saimiri” starts with a soothing piano score, then gently eases into an enchanting downtempo melody. Orizon layers some vocal chops from Eva May having her voice glide above the textured soundscape of nature samples and soft violin and saxophone. It’s an ambient and eclectic track that leads to visions of lush nature, starting as something that he pictures in his head and then uses sounds to sonically recreate. 

You can listen to the single and watch the zen music video below. Enjoy!

Neptune Orizon – Saimiri