New Alt-Electronic Group rosi Drop Debut Single “White Light”


Today we have the pleasure of sharing the first single ever from new alt-electronic group rosi. Originally from New York, rosi is composed of multi-instrumentalist Christ Petrosino and singer Joni Mathews.

Despite being their first offering, “White Light” shows technical mastery that can only be gained from their experience as behind-the-scenes award-winning producer and songwriter for some of the biggest artists.

This song is incredibly pleasing to our ears. While we can pick out a guitar, bass, and synth, it’s impossible to follow the thread of one for too long before being distracted by the rest of the song. The beat, melody, and rhythm all meld seamlessly into one, rising and falling together. There’s just the right amount of distortion to result in a mood that is equal parts dreamy and haunting.

In a press release, rosi explained the meaning behind the controlled chaos of the song:

When you go through something traumatic, your life kind of splits into two timelines, a pre and a post. I guess we were exploring that idea, or wondering if a person can ever really get back to a pure state of being after everything unravels. ‘White Light’ is yearning for a past life / past version of yourself.

We’re totally digging rosi’s unique sound, and we hope to hear more from them soon. In the meantime, you can check out “White Light” using the link below. Enjoy!

rosi – White Light