New Artist Nicol Debuts Bright House Sound on “A Better Place”


We love discovering up-and-coming artists at TSIS, and today we’re sharing the first official release ever from new producer Nicol. His new song “A Better Place” shows off his fresh approach to house music.

From the first few bars, Nicol lays down an energetic house beat with subtle garage influences. Soon after, waves of bright synth laced with bubbly, effervescent tones wash over our ears. As “A Better Place” progresses, it grows more whimsical with each iteration of the verse as he adds in plucky strings. The final evolution of the track is a fun, experimental daydream.

Here’s what Nicol had to say about “A Better Place” and his other upcoming releases:

I‘m releasing my first EP as Nicol late October! I have two singles coming before and this is the first one. The song is my take on a better place that your mind sometimes seems to wander to. My music is curious, eccentric, experimental, groovy and dreamy. I am fond of progress, exciting compositions and build-ups. The things I make is often driven by intuition and fast paced decisions.

You can listen to “A Better Place” below, enjoy!

Nicol – A Better Place