Introducing Our New Commenting Platform – TSIS 3.0 (BETA)


Hey friends, readers, followers new and old.

Today, TSIS is launching a brand new feature in partnership with Spot.IM to our beta: an upgraded commenting platform. This feature will include full profiles, up-voting and down-voting options, cross site notifications, newsfeed and the ability to embed GIFs, videos, and images to comments.

Check out the comments newsfeed in action:

Comment Newsfeed - This Song Is Sick

Simply click on the "+" sign on the right sidebar to become part of the TSIS experience. You can set up a Spot.IM account* via Facebook, Twitter, Email or Google+ in the comments section below. (We recommend Facebook for the most seamless experience.) 

We want to hear your thoughts, so let us know your thoughts on the new system.

*Please note the Spot.IM account is only for keeping track of your comments.