Watch GRiZ Tease Massive New Dubstep Collab with Big Gigantic

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We weren’t ready for this one, folks. Two of Colorado’s finest bass enthusiasts have linked up once again, and this time with their guns blazin’.

GRiZ unveiled a colossal new dubstep banger during a recent live set, which one fan caught on video and posted to Twitter. GRiZ himself appeared in the replies, confirming that it was a new collaboration between him and fellow Denver-based duo, Big Gigantic.

Could this tune potentially be on the new upcoming Big G EP? We’ll have to wait until this Friday to find out, but we’ll be eagerly awaiting more news on this weapon.

You can check out what this upcoming GRiZ and Big Gigantic collab is sounding like below. Brace yourself.

New big g collab 💕🥲

— RAINBOW BRAIN OUT NOW 🌈🧠 (@Griz) October 11, 2021