[MORE NEW] Skrillex & Alvin Risk Turn All the Way Up With An Even Heavier Remix of ‘Try It Out’ (Try Harder Mix)


If you couldn’t get enough of Skrillex & Alvin Risk’s “NEON Mix” from earlier today, be prepared to have your ears blown to pieces as they deliver another B-Side rendition of “Try It Out”. This time around, the OWSLA mates went deep in the depths to supply their “Try Harder Mix” with a whole heap of bass that will easily satisfy ones daily dose of dubstep. With two remixes uncovered, we can't wait for the other 4 versions we are supposed to be hearing and a potential final version of  “Try It Out”. But until then… Enjoy!

This song along with two more B-Side remixes will be out on iTunes soon.

Skrillex – Avlin Risk – Try It Out (Try Harder Remix)