NGHTMRE & Ghastly Release Epic Video for New Track “End Of The Night”


NGHTMRE and Ghastly have released their music video for their new track “End Of The Night,” which dropped just last week. Appropriate for an electro banger of this caliber, the video takes place at a raging house party. While NGHTMRE and Ghastly make brief appearances, the central character is a teddy bear. The teddy bear, which appears to belong to Ghastly’s sister, makes its way around and finds itself in a number of interesting situations.

The video begins with the teddy bear being thrown at Ghastly and then being tossed about throughout the house. It ends up on the dancefloor on several occasions and flies past NGHTMRE as he throws down on the beerpong table. The teddy bear proceeds to make its rounds around the party and then get lit on fire and thrown into a pool. It continues to suffer all sorts of mayhem before its cotton-spilling body is placed back on Ghastly’s sister’s bed. Enjoy!

NGHTMRE & Ghastly – End Of The Night | Official Video