Nick Wolf & Feverkin Capture Feelings of Childhood Escapism on “Catharsis”


Having already released two studio EPs and a string of singles in the span of four months, producer and artist Nick Wolf figured, naturally, that it was time for an album. The album’s standout single “Catharsis,” (which is also the title track) showcases the producer’s instinct for tasteful sound design and brilliant writing. This single is one of five collaborations on the album—a joint effort between Wolf and fellow artist, Feverkin.

“Catharsis” is an ethereal landscape of passion and emotion, as both producers explore deep and inspiring tones throughout. Sounds of children playing fill the track with tones of nostalgia, with such subtlety and ease. Overtop the defining sample lies beautiful string melodies, warm keys, and a soulful beat that guides the listener through to the end of the track.

Here’s what Wolf had to say about “Catharsis” and working with Feverkin:

Catharsis is the title track of my second full length album. The project as a whole deals with themes of childhood escapism, and the power of letting go. Feverkin has been one of my favorite artists for years, so working with him was itself a microcosm of my entire journey, and the way things tend to come full circle.
You can listen to “Catharis” at the link below. Enjoy!

Nick Wolf, Feverkin – Catharsis