NICOLAS Flexes His Production Prowess on Hyperpop-Influenced “EVERYTIME I GO TO BED”


Paris-based producer, NICOLAS, last released new tunes back in 2021, with his WHAT WILL BE LEFT OF US? EP, making waves with his dynamic production prowess and relatable messages. Now back and ready to give his fans what they’ve been craving, the rising artist offers his first single from his upcoming EP, EMOTIONS WE TELL OURSELVES IT IS NOT OK TO FEEL, entitled “EVERYTIME I GO TO BED.”

High energy, “EVERYTIME I GO TO BED,” kicks into gear with a head-banging breakbeat and a vocal style reminiscent of some of our favorite hyperpop tracks. Communicating emotional themes through his lyrics, NICOLAS contrasts these feelings with a bright and dynamic production. Breaking down for a delicate refrain, the producer picks up into an addictive drop, characterized by compelling vocal-chops.

On the new single, NICOLAS commented:

‘EVERYTIME I GO TO BED’ is a powerful exploration of the all consuming passion that can come with loving something or someone. I like to explore the emotions that we often struggle to express in my music and try to find answers to the questions that me and my peers are asking. Music has the power to help us when we feel lost and can give us the focus and clarity we need to navigate this complex and unpredictable universe In this track I capture the intensity and conflict of these feelings, creating a relatable and poignant track that speaks to the universal experience of loving and being loved.

You can stream “EVERYTIME I GO TO BED” at the link below, out everywhere via Unity Records. Enjoy!