“Dreamz” is Latest Mellow Lo-Fi Offering from Rising Indie R&B Band Night Heron


New from Night Heron, comes a sleepy, laid back chillwave song, aptly named “Dreamz.”

Classifying their sound as “night-driving jamz,” Night Heron perfectly captures the vibe of a post-midnight drive on a deserted highway when everyone else is home dreaming. Hailing from Portland, Oregon, the indie R&B band is a conglomerate of five friends from various musical backgrounds. They’ll be releasing their debut LP Instructions for the Night on their new record label Literal Gold.

In “Dreamz,” we’re immediately greeted with some lo-fi synth that serves as the song’s back bone, treated with an echo effect that helps build a hazy dream-like aura. The mellow vocals are barely discernible throughout the song, serving more as an accompanying instrument than a sonic focal point. Some melodic saxophone and flute are sprinkled in throughout, accents that help add some interesting flavor and establish the different stages of the song.

Catch us listening to this track right before we go to sleep tonight. You can too, with the link below. Enjoy!

Night Heron – Dreamz