Rising Producer Nikita, the Wicked Shares Debut EP “not me, the internet”

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Rising producer, Nikita, the Wicked, delves into a topic we all struggle with in one form or another on his debut EP, not me, the internet. Exploring the complex intersection between his online persona and his true self, Nikita serves up a total of four mesmerizing tracks, launching the listener to their own introspective journey.

Glitch-filled intro track, “nowhere,” kicks off the EP with its high energy synth stutters. Nikita continues the upbeat vibes with “don’t look,” taking a more dance-forward turn, accompanying a groovy beat with catchy vocal chops. Switching gears, “am i dreaming?” takes the EP down a more intimate route, Fabian Mazur hopping on the mic for an entrancing performance. “ihateithere” closes things out triumphantly with its jubilant arrangement.

Nikita shared his thoughts on the project, commenting:

The project itself shows the inner workings of my mind. Music aside, it shows the dark perspective I have towards artistic themes. With song titles such as “nowhere” and “ihateithere”, it really represents my brand which is “The Beautiful Darkness”. Just as the 20th century art movement of Surrealism, this project is an irrational juxtaposition of sounds.

You can stream not me, the internet at the link below, out everywhere via bitbird. Enjoy!

Nikita, the Wicked – not me, the internet