Ninajirachi Drops Stunningly Impressive Double-Single “Petroleum / Hidden Land”

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Undoubtedly one of the most exciting rising electronic producers in the game, the Australia-hailing Ninajirachi has been on our radar for quite some time now. Her latest single, “Start Small,” only increased our excitement for the young artist, with its uniquely experimental, yet pop-inflected nature. Following this single and an impressive self-directed/sold-out show (Dark Crystal) at VIVID Sydney, Ninajirachi is back with her latest offering, “Petroleum / Hidden Land.”

Utilizing a unique mixture of organic samples and modern electronic elements, “Petroleum” immediately grabs the listener with its sonic flair. Entrancing melodies performed and written by the artist herself fill the track, backed by an irresistibly punchy, trap-inspired beat. “Hidden Land,” a collaboration with vocalist Raj Mahal, closes out the double single with its massive bass energy. Syncopated rhythms drive the main groove, with unmatched flow and style from Mahal. Over the course of the double-single, Ninajirachi creates an intimate, yet explosive listening experience with a spectrum of sounds from delicate to bold.

Nina shared her thoughts on both new singles, commenting:

In 2019 Laces was pitching beat ideas to an artist and he showed me a few when we were hanging out. I loved one of them called “Petroleum” and he let me try out an idea over it. It was meant for someone else, but I ended up stealing it and making this song. It has been a labor of love and it’s both weird and nice that everyone can finally hear it. I met Raj Mahal through our mutual friend Oh Boy but lockdown kept preventing us from writing music together. We finally linked in May this year and made ‘Hidden Land’ in just a couple of hours.

You can stream “Petroleum / Hidden Land” at the links below, out everywhere via NLV Records. Enjoy!

Ninajirachi – Petroleum

Ninajirachi – Hidden Land (feat. Raj Mahal)