PREMIERE | Nolie Tugs At The Heartstrings With Break-Up Ballad “Renaissance”

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Quickly after releasing his first single “Come Over,” TSIS newcomer Nolie returns today with his sentimental, melodic single “Renaissance.” This ballad, tells the familiar story of an imminent break-up, but explains a rather pure desire to remember someone’s ex in their best light. Not a feeling everyone shares when going through a break-up, but a noble one nonetheless. When asked about the track, Nolie said:

“Renaissance is about knowing that you and your partner are beginning to circumstantially disconnect, both inspired and moving forward with life rapidly, but knowing that the relationship cannot sustain, so for better or for worse, it’s a peaceful asking to leave one another but with the best image you could have of that person when you go.”

Nolan Feldpausch started as a screamo artist back in the day before taking an extended break to pursue music photography and videography. Since then he’s concentrated on writing songs, refining his craft, and now he’s pivoted gracefully to a very refreshing, chill, alt-pop sound. The song is produced by Ben and Max – the two members of slenderbodies. Nolan also happens to be a long time friend of theirs and even has helped direct their music videos / been a photographer, so this collaboration really comes full circle. We can’t wait to hear more from him in the future. Enjoy!

Nolie – Renaissance