Noname, Smino, & Saba Form Hip-Hop Supergroup Ghetto Sage + Drop Must Hear Debut Single “Haagen Dazs”

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Was that an earthquake I just felt?… Nah, just the earth shattering news of Hip-Hop’s latest super group, Ghetto Sage.  This trio, comprised of Chicago A-Listers, Noname & Saba, and St. Louis native phenom, Smino, is nothing short of a match made in heaven. These artists, who have collabed in the past, have all made successful solo careers through thought provoking, storytelling raps with one-of-a-kind flow, intertwined with unique sometimes jazz-tinted production that have set them apart from the rest of the rap industry.

Ghetto Sage’s inaugural project, “Häagen Dazs,” is a slinky heater with some sizzlin’ rapping.  Masterfully weaving tongue-in-cheek attitude-filled lines with raw, thought-provoking nuggets, you can’t help but stay glued to your seat and hang on every word.  But we’d expect nothing less from these three expert rap-smiths!  Ladies and Gentleman, it is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to Ghetto Sage. Enjoy!

Ghetto Sage – Häagen Dazs