Norwegian Producer Samkopf Gives Murmur’s “Me & You” an Atmospheric Remix


You know when you get a song stuck in your head that you just can’t forget? Most of us think about it for a day and then go about our normal lives. But if you’re Norwegian producer Samkopf, you actually reach out to the song’s artist to see if you can do a remix of it.

After hearing Murmur‘s track “Me & You,” he says:

I had this melody on my mind that I just couldn’t place. A few days later I realized it was the Me & You chorus, so I just had to reach out to Murmur and ask to do a remix. I am very proud to bring new vibes and meaning to a beautiful and well-written song.

Samkopf’s remix actually slows things down on “Me & You.” The original version is an upbeat, neon-tinted indie track, but Samkopf’s take is a cool, relaxed jam. Heavy reverb creates a heavenly vibe, and the pared-back instrumentation shines a spotlight on Murmur’s siren-like vocals. Gentle percussion nudges the song forward, completing the transcendent experience.

Make sure to check out Samkopf’s remix using the link below. Enjoy!

Murmur – Me & You (Samkopf Remix)