Vancouver-Based, OAKUM, Draws From His Natural Surroundings On Melodic ‘Equinox’ EP


Music and nature have always shared a special connection with the latter having such a strong influence on the sounds producers create. Vancouver-based producer, OAKUM, draws influence from the diverse landscapes surrounding his city including its temperate rainforest, beaches, and lakes. We recently discovered the rising producer and we’re happy to share his debut EP, Equinox, out now via Sweet Sounds Collective.

The EP is meant to represent the change in seasons from winter to spring with each track representing that shift in energy. OAKUM uses feelgood melodies, atmospheric textures, and driving rhythms to tell nature’s story all while combining elements of electronic, indie, and dance. A clear standout for us is “Polar,” which starts out as a gentle, ethereal ballad that transforms into a glittery melodic bass heater that comes out of nowhere.

Stream the project below and enjoy!

OAKUM – Equinox