Listen To The Mesmerizing And Transcendent Sounds Of Octo Octa’s ‘She’s Calling EP’

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For those who feel a spiritual connection to their music, especially house or techno, Octo Octa‘s music is certainly something to dive into. Her new three track EP She’s Calling is a beautiful fusion of eclectic sounds, from breakbeat, house, downtempo, acid, and beyond.

Beginning with heavily percussive and ethereal voicings on “Goddess Calling,” Octo Octa immerses listeners in a wide array of engaging rhythms and alluring sounds, inviting them on an organic journey through house music. The next track, “Find Your Way Home,” makes use of classic house beat and mercurial, uplifting melodies. It induces a dreamlike state, with intermittent meditative vocals providing guidance to accompany the mystifying music. Once listeners have been suitably soothed, Octo Octa introduces oscillating acid keys that massage the mind as they repeat.

The final track “Spell For Nature” is a fitting conclusion to this brief but expansive sonic journey, as it delves even deeper into primal rhythms and themes. Building from a sustained organ and shakers, the track introduces a gently thudding kick drum and echoing piano melody that seamlessly releases listeners to the elevated headspace that our house priestess has carefully cultivated.

Listen to Octo Octa’s beautiful and captivating new EP in the stream below. Enjoy!

Octo Octa – She’s Calling EP