Odd Future Founding Member Hodgy Shares First Body of Work in 6 Years


Hodgy Beats is a name that Odd Future fans will always remember. Today, he just goes by Hodgy, and he’s still on his grind. In fact, his newest release, an EP titled Everyday People Change Into Someone, is his first body of work in six years. It follows his 2016 debut solo album Fireplace: TheNotTheOtherSide.

This new EP features three dynamic tracks from Hodgy, representing just how versatile he’s become. Not only is he rapping with a more unique flow, but he’s also singing now, with a style that we’ve yet to hear anywhere else. On “Into Someone,” he even assumes an alt-R&B/pop persona, letting his songwriting and singing shine over nothing but an acoustic guitar.

This new EP precedes his next full-length project, Entitled, which will mark a big comeback for Hodgy. In between his projects, according to a press release, he’s taken some time off to focus on his personal life, which included going to recovery for addiction. Entitled will be available for streaming on May 20.

You can stream Everyday People Change Into Someone from Hodgy below. Enjoy!

Hodgy – Everyday People Chaing Into Someone EP