OddKidOut Drops Stunning Track “6 Years” Via OWSLA & Announces New EP


Considering the success of Skrillex’s tastemaking label OWSLA, we can almost always trust what music they’re pushing forward at any given time. Today, OWSLA has put forth a brand new track from OddKidOut, who’s a fresh face in electronic music. The track is titled “6 Years,” and not only is it an amazing, complex piece of music, but there’s also quite an interesting story behind it.

According to the press release, "After moving to LA last year to work with Skrillex, the two talked about OKO sampling some OWSLA tracks and seeing what he could come up with. OddKidOut ended up creating a full EP made with samples from the label's discography, including Skrillex & Poo Bear's "Would You Ever", Skrillex & Team EZY's "Pretty Bye Bye", Yogi's "Money On My Mind" with Juicy J, and Tennyson's "Cry Bird" and "your face tastes like my happy place."

OWSLA is set to release a track from the EP every week over the next four weeks, and this first one, “6 Years,” already has us hooked. This specific tune uses samples from one of our favorite groups, Tennyson, which explains the skittery, glitchy complexity. OddKidOut corrals Tennyson’s spacey percussion and vocal chops from “Your Face Tastes Like My Happy Place” and turns it into a more full, cohesive piece of art.

Stay tuned for the rest of rollout of OddKidOut’s new EP as it is unveiled over the next few weeks. "6 Years" comes along with an artistic video bringing the song to life. Enjoy!

OddKidOut – 6 Years