ODESZA Share Dreamlike Music Video For “Across The Room” (feat. Leon Bridges)

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ODESZA has always been an incredible creative project not only musically, but also visually. From incredible music videos to unique live performance recaps and even insights into the making of their songs, the duo continuously shares fresh, highly detailed perspectives on their music. Today they’ve added to their catalog of incredible visual production with a new music video for “Across The Room” (feat. Leon Bridges) off of their new album A Moment Apart.

In this new video, ODESZA explores the concept of love and family throughout generations. The song’s prominent voice, Leon Bridges, is the main focus of the video, as he arrives and makes his way around a family barbecue. Displays of childish curiosity, playfulness and warm familiar interaction abruptly and seamlessly cut into dreamlike scenes of a man and a woman silently dancing toward each other – slowly closing their distance till they reach one another from across the room. ODESZA themselves even make a cameo around the 2:05 mark. Check out the official video for “Across The Room” (feat. Leon Bridges) below and enjoy!

ODESZA – Across The Room (Ft. Leon Bridges) | Official Music Video

Photo credit: @dani__hansen