ODESZA Preview Some Beautiful New Music With Their Debut NFT Collection

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If you haven’t heard, ODESZA have been hard at work on some exciting new stuff. They’ve just given fans a taste of some unreleased music in their NFT collaboration with graphic artist The Japanese Dad. The project drops today on Nifty Gateway and is entitled REMNANTS. It contains open editions, a limited edition art pack, and a 1/1 auction item. Each of the items contains music snippets and polished animations. In classic ODESZA fashion, this music is simply breathtaking and washes over you with a sense of peace and beauty.

🏛 • REMNANTS • 🏛

Our debut collaborative digital art collection with @_JapaneseDad_ arrives tomorrow on @niftygateway

Featuring unreleased audio and new animations as well as reimaginings of inspiration from our past.

3.20.21 – 2PM ET: https://t.co/o1S44NiWIN pic.twitter.com/6adjaSWPGI

— ODESZA (@odesza) March 19, 2021

There are three open edition pieces, each containing some entrancing animations of their quintessential icosahedron, accompanied by unreleased music. The artworks and possible song names are “Artifact“, “Mirage,” and “Palace.

The icosahedron is a unique shape that was the first example of a geometrical object that was a free creation of human thought, and not the result of observations in nature. It represents water, and has become synonymous with ODESZA’s free flowing music.

The art pack contains 4 unique and gorgeous sound snippets of past songs to go along with various images, with a chance for buyers to own one of the 4 when they purchase the pack. These look like backstage passes, maybe this foreshadows some future ticket to a live show. We can only hope.

The 1/1 auction piece “Photosynthesis” is a pretty insane animation accompanied by an edit that was debuted on past headline and festival shows from their tour for A Moment Apart. It’s a VIP edit of their smash song “All We Need,” which has some influences that foreshadow the eventual Bronson project from last year. There is also “Luminance” which is a 100 limited run drawing with a small $1 cost, making the price more accessible to fans. This one features a VIP edit of “Thin Floors And Tall Ceilings”

The drop is today, so head over to Nifty Gateway to check all of the art and music out and hopefully have a chance to own one of ODESZA’s first NFTs.