ODESZA Deliver Stunning New Album ‘The Last Goodbye’


The wait is over! One of the year’s most anticipated albums, ODESZA‘s The Last Goodbye is finally here, and we can confirm that it lives up to the hype.

This album brilliantly balances the lighter songs with the heavier ones, offering a seamless listening experience. Whether it’s a meditative, chiller track like “Better Now,” the lush eccentricity of “North Garden,” or an explosive banger like “Behind The Sun,” there’s truly something for every electronic music fan to enjoy. For the longtime fans looking for the classic ODESZA sound, fear not: “All My Life” is for you. And for the newer fans who discovered their darker sound through their BRONSON project, “Equal” has the fast-paced, exhilarating synth lines you crave.

The Last Goodbye is ODESZA’s most personal and mature work to date. In what’s become the duo’s signature move on albums, they have a narrator speak over cinematic piano on their opening track, “This Version Of You,” inviting us to think about identity, connection, and memory as we listen. They underscore this by also interspersing samples from their childhood videos throughout the album. The overall effect is an album that gives us a peek into their personal lives while also feeling universal, reminding us that we all share the human experience and all the emotions that come with it.

You can listen to The Last Goodbye below. We strongly recommend clearing your schedule to give it your full attention as you listen, so you too can be transported into their world. Enjoy!

ODESZA – The Last Goodbye