ODESZA Drops Next Release On Foreign Family Label with Greyhat’s “Glider”

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Odesza’s audio / visual collective, Foreign Family Collective, has been underway for a few months now and has brought us a few songs already including Big Wild's irresistible original “Aftergold.” 

The fourth release by this exciting new label comes from up and coming producer Greyhat out of Maine, and shows Foreign Family Collective isn’t afraid to get experimental with their releases. “Glider” brings a forward thinking, experimental approach with an atmospheric sound with evolving, syncopated drums that change throughout the song alongside a speaker rattling driving bassline, and layers of chimes and indistinguishable vocal samples all melded together in an interesting and amazing way. There is a lot going in this tune as it builds and drops throughout the track in an organized chaos that blends perfectly and has us intrigued to hear more from this Odesza curated label. Enjoy!

Greyhat – Glider | iTunes