ODESZA & Golden Features Share Highly Anticipated New Album ‘BRONSON’

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It’s here. It’s finally freakin’ here! ODESZA and Golden Features’ super-group, BRONSON, has finally released its self titled album and I’m absolutely drooling.

This long awaited project carries an underlying air of mystique from start to stop. Some tracks like “FOUNDATION,” “KNOW ME,” “CALL OUT,” and “DAWN” lean in to the realm of the expansive and atmospheric, while others like “HEART ATTACK,” “BLINE,” “TENSE,” “CONTACT,” and “KEEP MOVING” channel that mystique into a driving force of raw primal energy. No matter where you start, this album will be taking you on a multi-layered journey through darkness (we recommend you start at the beginning though).

When your super group is made up of legends like ODESZA and Golden Features, the expectations will obviously be high. BRONSON has blown our expectations sky high and delivered a project that will not soon be forgotten. So grab your good headphones and get ready for a ride, BRONSON has arrived. Enjoy!