ODESZA Share New Single “Higher Ground” Ft. Naomi Wild


ODESZA have shared a brand new single "Higher Ground" featuring vocals from Naomi Wild. This is the latest single off their long awaiting forthcoming album Moment Apart due September 8.

This new track follows previously released singles "Line Of Sight", "Late Night", "Corners Of The Earth", and "Meridian". This nonstop spree of singles seemingly has no end in sight as the duo have given fans more content over the past few months than they have in years. "Higher Ground" captures the chilled-out vibe we've come to love from ODESZA over the years as the thumping percussion highlights the tune accompanied by Naomi's dreamy vocals, gentle soundscapes and distorted strings making for a unique track we'll surely be coming back to. Enjoy!

ODESZA – Higher Ground (Ft. Naomi Wild) | Purchase