ODESZA & Khalid Seemingly Just Agreed To Collab On Twitter


Ever wanted to hear ODESZA’s beautiful production paired with Khalid’s smooth vocals? Well you just might be able to after ODESZA threw a casual tweet Khalid’s way asking if he wanted to make a tune together, to which Khalid quickly responded “let’s do it”

Both ODESZA and Khalid have been killing it lately. You can watch the highlights of ODESZA’s mind-blowing Coachella performance here, where they used 400 drones for a live light show to complement their already-stunning performance. Meanwhile Khalid has been surfing the global charts with his soulful single “Love Lies” with Normani and appeared on Alina Baraz’s must-hear 9-track project The Color Of You.

Check out the tweets below and keep your eyes peeled!


@thegreatkhalid let’s do a tune together man ✌🏻

— ODESZA (@odesza) April 18, 2018


let’s do it ✨ https://t.co/RMrZCWoEUl

— Khalid (@thegreatkhalid) April 18, 2018