ODESZA Continue Their Reign with ‘The Last Goodbye Remixes N°.1’

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2022 has been the year of ODESZA. The Grammy-nominated duo reemerged to release their first new album in five years, The Last Goodbye, and launch a nationwide amphitheater tour which has sold 400k+ tickets to date. Not content to rest on the laurels of sold-out shows and a chart-topping album, ODESZA continue their takeover with the release of The Last Goodbye Remixes N°.1.

This remix package comes with contributions by some of our favorite artists including Gilligan Moss and DJ Seinfeld. The energy remains at an all-time high and every track is primed and ready to move dance floors in ways that never seemed possible. Harrison and Clay of ODESZA had this to say about the release:

When making ‘The Last Goodbye’, we tried hard to push our own sonic boundaries as producers, to move into different spaces and try new techniques than we had in the past. The album really was an evolution for us. The Remixes N°.1 package is an extension of that ethos. It’s an exploration and reinterpretation of the album and it was really fun to see these producers take the tracks and bring their own perspective into it. We really appreciate the new spin they put on it and thank you to all the artists involved in putting together this collection.

When you have a following as expansive and loyal as ODESZA, you have to be selective about the artists you choose to remix your works. We think it’s safe to say their choices were right on the mark. Stream The Last Goodbye Remixes N°.1 below. Enjoy!

ODESZA- The Last Goodbye Remixes N°.1