ODESZA & Leon Bridges Share Inspiring Behind The Scenes Video Of Their Collab “Across The Room”


ODESZA recently returned with their long-awaited new album A Moment Apart. They’ve kept the content coming following the music release with new music videos as well as their video showing how they made album single “Meridian.” Now they’ve shared a similar video for their “Across The Room” collaboration with Leon Bridges

The Seattle duo narrate the video showing behind the scenes footage and interviews with both ODESZA and Leon giving fans insight to both artist’s take on the incredible collaboration. ODESZA share that Leon was someone who was a their dream collaborator while Leon had never heard of them. They reveal the track actually came together in one 8-hour session, which is incredible to us. We’re hoping ODESZA shares more of these videos as it’s amazing to see the studio footage showing how some of these songs came together. Enjoy!

ODESZA – Making: Across The Room (Ft. Leon Bridges)