ODESZA Reignite Their “NO.SLEEP” Mix Series With First Installment In Three Years

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ODESZA is back, and in the best way possible! Having taken a break from their beloved “NO.SLEEP” mix series after dropping the last installment in 2017 (which was the first in three years at the time), today the superstar duo have given us all some much needed escapism with “NO.SLEEP Mix. 12“.

Long-time fans of ODESZA are sure to be overjoyed with this latest offering. Considering the coveted mix series ran for years throughout the mid 2010’s, it’s an absolute treat to find that the TSIS favorites are making the most of their time locked and giving back to fans at the same time.

So take a breather and let their “NO.SLEEP Mix. 12” help keep you sane this week. Stream it now below and enjoy!