ODESZA Share New Video Detailing Their Creative Process [Watch]


In anticipation of their forthcoming album, Odesza and Native Instruments have teamed up to give fans a four-minute video that walks through Harrison and Clayton’s creative processes behind the productions that become the Odesza tracks we know and love. Throughout the video, the two elaborate on the idea of always pushing the boundaries when in the studio to create sounds that even themselves are not always comfortable with.

“We usually will print the synth sound into the track itself and build it. So, basically it kind of makes it easier to make mistakes, and we found that mistakes really lead to the most interesting ideas.” – Clayton

The two also touch on the new album briefly, describing that they are not necessarily exploring a completely new sound, but instead redefining their old sound with more technical knowledge.

“This newest album is a lot more about, I think, growth and progression and maturity. I don’t think we’re trying to reinvent the wheel, it’s just us pursuing our sound to the fullest.” – Harrison

Watch the video in full to hear the duo talk about topics such as being from the Northwest, their preferred hardware and how they create their unique sounds. Odesza’s album is slated to drop September, 8th. Enjoy!

Odesza's "A Moment Apart" album so far: