ODESZA Show Us How They Made “The Last Goodbye”


It’s a good time to be an ODESZA fan. Not only have the duo been electrifying stages across the country on a sold out tour and finally giving us a taste of BRONSON live, but they’ve also now started dropping behind-the-scenes videos of how their music is created. Today they give fans a look at how they made the title track to their new album, “The Last Goodbye.”

This video is heaven for a music and production nerd. We get an in-depth view of how Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight work together to create their music: from where they draw inspiration to how they incorporate live instruments, to how they manipulate their sounds and what gear and programs they use. They also show us the moment Mills introduces Knight to the now iconic “Let Me Down Easy” song by Bettye Lavette, which is the central sample for “The Last Goodbye.” We can literally see the wheels start turning in their head as they listen.

The video then goes on to show the deep respect the artists have for each other, with both Mills and Knight singing praises about Lavette’s soulful voice. They also interviewed Lavette in her home in New Jersey. She describes her joy at her music being re-visited and re-imagined, introducing it to a generation she thought would forget her.

The rest of the video includes ODESZA discussing how this song created the central narrative for their album. We highly recommend you watch the full video below. Enjoy!