ODESZA Tease First NO.SLEEP Mix in 2 Years


ODESZA are set to bring back another installation of their beloved mix series, NO.SLEEP. The duo didn’t beat around the bush when they took to Twitter yesterday, posting “Might be time for a new NO.SLEEP…”

Their NO.SLEEP mixes, over the past couple of years, have been few and far between. Originally a staple in ODESZA’s repertoire, they’ve now become more of a rarity. Their most recent one came during the beginning of the pandemic when lockdowns were in full effect in the US. Before that, it had been three years since their last one.

There are no specifics on a release date yet for the mix, but we should be able to expect NO.SLEEP Mix.13 soon.

Might be time for a new NO.SLEEP….

— ODESZA (@odesza) June 22, 2022