ODESZA Teasing Something New Titled ‘The Last Goodbye’


ODESZA have something big in the works. On their website, the duo is teasing something titled The Last Goodbye. It hasn’t been revealed if this is in fact their new music that is set to drop in 2022, or something else. Either way, it’s definitely sounding like something final.

When visiting a new section of their website, users are prompted to enter an email and/or a phone number. Afterward, an image of a text message appears that simply reads, “The Last Goodbye.” This enrolls you in something, as you then receive a welcome message from ODESZA, but it’s still not fully clear what the welcome is for.

Whatever it is, we’re both excited and anxious. On one hand, we cannot wait for a new album from the pair. On the other, could this really be the end for them?

You can check out The Last Goodbye website right here. Stay tuned for what’s coming from ODESZA.