Of The Trees Announces New Downtempo EP, Drops Dreamy First Track “Windhorse”

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It’s no secret around here that we’re big Of The Trees fans. The newly relocated Colorado producer has some of the most forward-thinking sounds when it comes to bass, and he’s recently announced that he’s switching things up for his next EP. Of The Trees announced Tale of Elegos, his forthcoming EP due out October 27. The new body of work will hone in on a more downtempo vibe, and we’re already loving what we’re hearing from the first single.

Windhorse,” the first chapter of Tale of Elegos, already has us hooked. A gorgeous, organic, flute-like melody introduces the track and invites you into a bouncy rhythm. Once the vocals of Sophie Marks come in, you’ll want to stay in this soundscape forever. The soulful sound adds another layer of depth to the track before leading us into a breakdown, and eventually back into the hook—which features some new, low-end friendly synths.

In just a few weeks, we’ll be able to hear the rest of the Tale of Elegos.

You can get the first glimpse into the downtempo world from Of The Trees below. Enjoy!

Of The Trees – Windhorse (feat. Sophie Marks)