Old Fashioned Bleeding Hearts Find An Infectious Alt-Rock Groove on “The Writing Up On The Wall” 


Old Fashioned Bleeding Hearts is a Brooklyn-based band that has a sound that takes you back, reminiscent of 90’s indie hits and the garage scene. Spearheaded by Colton Tracy, the rock outfit channels uninhibited and unrestrained jams with perfectly harmonious instrumentation. Their latest single “The Writing Up On The Wall” is a swaying tune with that same gritty spirit.

This is a catchy alternative rock track through and through. Together, Tracy’s finesse of the guitar and the swift hand of drummer David Baldwin (Creature Of Doom, The Dig) make for a lovely little lo-fi song. The two work in sync, creating a rhythm that is bold but not too overpowering to outshine the fuzzy, far-away vocals.

You can rock out to “The Writing Up On The Wall” below. Enjoy!

Old Fashioned Bleeding Hearts – The Writing Up On The Wall