Rising Artist Oliver Malcolm Stays Hot With Third Career Single “Kevin”

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So far, all that we’ve seen from Oliver Malcolm has been pure talent. He only has three tracks to his name so far, but he already sounds like nobody we’ve ever heard before. His last two tracks, “Switched Up” and “Helen” blew us away, and today marks him 3-for-3 with the release of “Kevin.”

Everything about this 20-year-old has impressed us since day one. “Kevin” again shows off his wide array of musical skills. He’s got an insane range of vocal styles, almost to the point where it sounds like there’s up to three different artists on the track. His production is refreshing with just the right amount of experimentation. The youthful but wise songwriting can resonate with anyone. Oh yeah—did we mention he does everything himself? The kid’s a wizard.

“Kevin” comes with a slick animated video too (that gives us major Gorillaz vibes).

Give “Kevin” a whirl below. Enjoy!

Oliver Malcolm – Kevin