Oliver Tree Concocts A Belter For All The Outcasts With “Out Of Ordinary”

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Leave it to Oliver Tree to release a track that hits you straight in your soul. Our bowl cut-clad hero returns today with a new anthem for all of us that break the mold a bit.

Out Of Ordinary” is a lightweight tune that sees Oliver confront his own sense disconnectedness with seemingly everyday life and his desire to be nothing but his whole self. This feeling is something so many of us can so closely relate to.

The track’s beauty is in it’ simplicity, the beat being just enough to innocently move the song along without distracting from the easy to follow (and belt) verses. This one goes out to all my weirdo’s out there, so turn this up and sing along. Stream Oliver Tree’s newest single, “Out Of Ordinary,” below. Enjoy!

Oliver Tree – Out Of Ordinary