Rising Artist Oliver Tree Delivers Infectious Indie Electronic Gem “Upside Down”


While Oliver Tree might have the best bowl cut we’ve ever seen, he’s much more than just a bowl cut. Once again, he’s impressed us on his latest indie electronic gem titled “Upside Down.”

There’s something about Oliver’s music that just gets stuck in our head for hours, but in the best way. While his social media presence is maybe the most hilarious of any artist we’re familiar with, his music is definitely not a joke. If you’re unfamiliar you should definitely check him out as he’s a frequent collaborator with some of our favorites like Whethan on “Enemy” among other songs as well as his “Forget About It” collab with Getter. Tree has an exciting sound that blends elements of hip-hop, electronic and indie music in a unique way we’ve been loving. “Upside Down” is just the sound we love from the L.A.-based artist pairing the distorted guitar with his echoing vocals and vocal harmonies that work so well together. Enjoy!

Oliver Tree – Upside Down