OnCue – Can’t Wait : Must Hear Hip Hop Mixtape

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Today I've got another full release from Connecticut to New York rapper OnCue. It's following up his Cuey Sing the Blues and Leftovers mixtapes. This mixtape entitled Can't Wait is an amazing 15 song hip hop ride filled a variety of mostly down tempo relatively chill tracks. We featured music videos for Feel Tall and All the Way already off the tape. Most of the production is from CJ Luzi, and he absolutely kills it with some very organic hip hop beats. OnCue kills it on just about every single track, including a collab with Mike Posner, a few favorites highlighted below. He's one of the rappers that actually has some stories to tell, and delivers them very well, reminding me of Macklemore mixed with Slug from Atmosphere. More rappers should take a lesson. I've picked a handful of my favorites, but the whole thing is worth a download. Enjoy!

OnCue – Can't Wait Entire Mixtape | Direct Download | Hulkshare

OnCue – Not for Nothing | Direct Download

OnCue – Kinda Late (Ft. Mike Posner)| Direct Download

OnCue – Can't Wait | Direct Download

OnCue – Don't Fall For That (Ft. Sonny Shotz) | Direct Download

OnCue – The Geoffrey | Direct Download

OnCue – Better Than Before | Direct Download

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