One of the Best Free Albums: Jay-Z vs Coldplay “Viva La Hova” – Mick Boogie & Terry Urban


I've never been the biggest fan of coldplay, and I'm still not, but I love them on this album. Mick Boogie and Terry Urban came together to make one of the sickest mashup albums I've ever came across. Props to my friend Austin for showing me this when it came out over a year ago. They take Coldplay and Jay-Z and mash them for a perfect blend of chill beats and sick Jay-Z rapping. This album is in my regular rotation of music to listen to, so deciding which single tracks to post was pretty hard, but I forced myself to go with 6, and these 6 are all very sick.  Highly recommend downloading the entire album in a zip file and listening to the whole thing. Enjoy!

Download The Entire Viva La Hova Mixtape In A .Zip File Here

Life Of Clocks – Jay-Z /Coldplay | Download

19-Jay-Z & Coldplay-Life Of Clocks [Prod. By Terry Urban]

Public Speeding – Jay-Z /Coldplay | Download

02-Jay-Z & Coldplay-Public Speeding [Prod. By Cookin' Soul]

X-Y-Z – Jay-Z /Coldplay | Download

20-Jay-Z & Coldplay-X-Y-Z (Prod. By Hasan Insane)

Never Changing – Jay-Z /Coldplay | Download

04-Jay-Z & Coldplay-Never Changing [Prod. By nVMe]

The Reverse Fix – Jay-Z /Coldplay | Download

11-Jay-Z & Coldplay-The Reverse Fix [Prod. By Mick Boogie & nVMe]

Cold Success – Jay-Z /Coldplay | Download

15-Jay-Z & Coldplay-Cold Success [Prod. By 9th Wonder]