PREMIERE | Opia Shine On Emotive New Indie EP ‘Beverly Blues’

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The rising group Opia  has been a TSIS favorite for years now owing to their raw musical talent and ability to explore a diverse soundscape that mixes electronic and acoustic elements. Last year you may have caught them on a string of impressive tracks with Louis Futon, Ekali, and Whethan, or on their dreamy six-track EP Faded. These productions were heavily electronic, but today Opia turns a new leaf and dives into their more indie side with their latest work, the four-track Beverly Blues EP.

The project begins on a funky note with an energetic title track that channels rock influences that fans of Two Feet or Louis Futon will love. “Four Winds” carries forward the retro vibe with its surreal, layered vocals woven between plucky guitar riffs. “Strings Attached” is an emotional, acoustic ballad that lets Cole’s vocals shine over a mellow production. “Twidfy” closes the project on a slower, soulful note.

Be sure to check out the project below, this is a special one. Enjoy!

Opia – Beverly Blues EP