Optometry Break The Mold On Indie-Electronic Debut Album ‘After-Image’


John Tejada and March Adstrum are the masterminds behind Optometry. The duo have been slowly hinting at the idea of an album by releasing two vastly differing debut tracks. Today, they’re finally ready to present their debut album, After-Image, out now via Palette Recordings.

One thing we’ve come to learn about Optometry is that their sound is boundaryless. The pair are able to sonically navigate between genres ranging from indie, electronic, classical, wave and more. While Tejada’s production for each track presents a new and unique experience, Adstrum’s lush, ethereal vocals and touching songwriting provide a heartfelt touch to the project.

As a debut body of work, After-Image sets the bar ridiculously high. It’s only just the beginning and Optometry already feel like a fully seasoned duo. Stream the full album below and enjoy!

Optometry – After-Image