Rising Duo, Optometry, Change Gears On Emotional New Single “Not What You Expected”


Newly established duo, Optometry, jumped onto the LA music scene with a confidence and chemistry unlike any other. Their debut single established their vintage alt-electronic sound and had our mouths watering for the next one. Their next single has just arrived and is titled “Not What You Expected.”

The sophomore single finds the duo at a more vulnerable place than the grittier predecessor, both sonically and lyrically. John Tejada uses a much softer palette of light drum work and warped synths to allow plenty of room for March Adstrum to “pour her heart out about recent life-changing events.” “Not What You Expected” already shows a beautiful versatility to the duo while still sounding uniquely Optometry all the same.

Stream the track below and enjoy!

Optometry – Not What You Expected