Oregon Becomes First State To Decriminalize All Drugs


While the 2020 presidential election still rages on in a neck and neck race, we can still celebrate a few major state victories against the war on drugs. The biggest victory came out of Oregon, where the state became the first ever to decriminalize the possession of hard drugs, including heroin, cocaine, and LSD.

Measure 110, which is backed by criminal justice reform groups, is aimed at keeping non-violent offenders out of jails and prisons by treating possession as a citation and expanding access to treatment and recovery. The measure passed Tuesday night, with 58.8% or Oregon voting yes.

Oregon voters also approved a measure making it the first state to legalize the therapeutic use of psychedelic mushrooms.

In other drug war news, voters in Arizona, Montana, South Dakota, and New Jersey have voted to legalize recreational cannabis use. They join Colorado and the 10 other states that have already legalized (not including D.C.).

H/T New York Times